Hoodia Diet Max – Does It Help To Suppress Your Hunger

What exactly is Hoodia Diet Max?

Hoodia Diet Max is an appetite suppressant which usually contains the Hoodia Diet Maxextract of  pure Hoodia Gordonii cactus. So you are now wondering what exactly is Hoodia Gordonii? So keep reading this informative article to find out more about hoodia gordonii and hoodia diet max.

What is Hoodia Gordonii and How Does it Work

Hoodia gordonii is a succulent plant from the Kalahari desert, home of the San People. The San have used the Hoodia gordonii succulent for hundreds of years to stave off hunger through out their long and tough hunting trips in the harsh South African wild.

The discovery of the active ingredient in the Hoodia gordonii plant is proven with clinical research and analysis to suppress one’s appetite calorie reduction.

This unique  and organic ingredient is the result of 30 years of research by the CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research) in South Africa. So great is the discovery of this weight-loss ingredient that a large pharmaceutical company, is developing a pill, known as P57, based on the hoodia gordonii plant.

Hoodia works by stimulating natural chemical reactions in the brain which normally occur when we consume a large meal. This gives you an immediate  feeling which can last anything up to three hours. Many users find they are unable to eat as much as they are usually used to, and can find it difficult to finish their regular meals.

Hoodia Diet Max Ingredients

Unfortunately, Hoodia Diet Max generally seems to contain very low quantities of actual Hoodia Gordonii and also features only just 25mg per serving.

In order to claim the best hoodia product it should contain around 400mg of 100% pure extract per serving, which is the recommended dosage for suppressing of your appetite and has been clinically proven and tested to offer actual weight loss results.

Hoodia Diet Max also contains 100mg of Guarana which is a stimulant containing high natural amounts of caffeine.

Does Hoodia Diet Max work?

Despite the fact that there is enough evidence that Hoodia does truly help you to reduce calorie consumption, Hoodia Diet Max seems to offer a small amount of hoodia gordonii. This may be because of the fact that Hoodia is very expensive to cultivate and strict rules are enforced on the quantity which is often exported.

The conclusion is with Hoodia Gordonii  you only get what you pay for. While the price tag on Hoodia Diet Max may very well be attractive, you can find more effective supplements available on the market which do not contain any fillers or binders such as caffeine, and only contain 100% pure Hoodia extract.

Does Hoodia Diet Max Use Legitimate Hoodia

A CITES certificate is present although it’s not very sure that the certificate has been granted for this product separately

Hoodia Diet Max Side Effects

No other ingredients are present apart from raw Hoodia – so no side effects should Occur.

Is Hoodia Diet Max Recommended

It is very difficult to recommend Hoodia diet max you can get more effective hoodia supplement than this product. And also there is doubt over it’s certification and ingredients as it may contain high level of caffein which may leads to harmful effects on your health.

Best Alternative to Hoodia Diet Max

Unique Hoodia has documentation to prove genuineness and uses 100% unique hoodiapure raw Hoodia powder.Most of the US based hoodia supplements use the less expensive and also largely ineffective extract.

Each pill is made up of 460mg of pure Hoodia Gordonii packed into an easy-to-consume, tiny pill. It comes with 180 days money back guarantee.

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