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Tava Tea is a unique green tea to those found at high street supermarkets. It is formulated from three of the sought after green teas available today.

When the manufacturers of Tava Tea were sourcing the best tea varieties they searched all across the east before making a decision on the formulation of tava tea.

They chose a unique mix of Sencha, Puerh and Wuyi Cliff Oolong, this one specifically is highly recommended for its health providing abilities.

Tava Tea has a tremendous range of health giving properties, taking Tava Tea several times a day will work to cut the risk of developing any disease, it has proven properties that will cut levels of harmful cholesterol, Tava tea has shown that it improves and maintains good vascular health, daily of Tava Tea will keep arteries healthy and dilated. This will reduce the risk of blood clots appearing and causing heart disease.

Drinking Tava Tea has been linked with lowering the chances of getting some forms of cancers, the tea has a high level of antioxidents, these are proven to fight and clear harmful free radicals that naturally appear in our bodies.By reducing these toxins, our bodies will naturally be able to operate quicker, we will clear waste products more efficiently, allowing less waste to be trapped in our digestive system.

This great effect of drinking Tava Tea will give a full body detox, your colon will be thoroughly cleansed, leaving you feeling with amazing energy. Tava tea will also help you reduce your weight, aside as its detox properties,Tava tea will also help boost your metabolism. As your metabolism is increased your body will process food easier less waste products will remain in your system where they could turn into unwanted fat.

This process means that taking Tava tea can help you reduce weight, reports have showed that around 1 -2 lbs per week can be lost by taking of Tava Tea.

Cho Yung Tea –  Great Way To Lose Weight

You are here to collect more details about cho yung weight loss tea as you have already heard a lot about it. We have collected some valuable information about it and finally made a complete and unbiased cho yung reviews for our readers.

What Is Cho Yung And How Does It Work ?

Highly publicized, Cho-Yung tea is created as an highly effective weight loss cho yungtea. Coming from China, this product is a combination of green tea as well as some other herbal ingredients that the makers claim will promote effective weight reduction

The primary tea leaves are of  the Oolong variety, they originate from the regular tea plant Camellia Sinensis. They are harvested just thrice annually and also are partially dried before being subjected to high temperature levels which is claimed will get rid of oxidation just before being fermented.

They’re then mixed with other herbs which will (we are told) purify your body’s cells and boost digestion.

It is a typical green tea that has slimming and health benefits.

It has become a very popular choice for slimming by celebrities and people who don’t want to work hard at losing weight.

To take advantage of the slimming properties, all you have to do is just drink 2 cups of the tea everyday.

As the name suggests, it is chiefly made via a premium Chinese herb which has been used in the concerned country for treating numerous ailments and diseases.

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Benefits Of Cho Yung Tea

  • Green tea may boost energy expenditure, and also positive results on weight management have been proved using green tea.
  • Green tea is consumed widely across Asia, where the rates of many cancers are much lower in Asia than other parts of the world.
  • Cho Yung Tea is a safe and natural strategy to improve health and lifestyle. It is NOT a medicinal drug. Lots of people believe that natural products are safer for their digestive systems and overall, long-term health.
  • Cho-Yung Tea oxidises fat, rather than blocking its absorption.
  • There is no need to take costly, supplementary vitamins with Cho-Yung Tea, as it does not deplete any minerals or vitamins.

Cho Yung Ingredient

cho yungCho Yung Tea is really a effective mixture of ancient plants and herbs that have already proven to support the slimming operation.

They take action by cleaning cells in your bodies, bettering digestion and also helping very important organs perform effectively.

If you are looking for a slimming solution, you should consider picking out a weight loss tea which contains high quality ingredients, such as Cho Yung Tea.

The ingredients in this weight loss tea include:

  • Oolong Tea a traditional Tea leaf partially sun dried and then treated with high heat, to stop oxidation.
  • Lotus leaf to cleanse the spleen, and optimist digestion and metabolism.
  • Hawthorn (or ‘Crataegus Pinnatifida’), renowned for assisting digestion and promoting good health.
  • Alisma rhizome , used to support the body’s organs (notably the kidney, bladder and urinary tract), and help expel excess toxins. (‘Rhizome’ refers to the nutritious stem of the plant).
  • Cassia seeds used to support the internal organs, notably the liver, kidney and large intestine. The seeds may also be used to treat constipation.
  • Jiaogulan (or Southern Ginseng), an herbaceous plant with a renowned regulating effect.
  • Poria a traditional fungus used as a tonic for the internal organs, notably the heart, spleen and kidney. (Classed as a ‘longevity herb’, as it assists the immune system.)

Cho Yung Tea Testimonials

There are so many happy customers of cho yung who wanted to share their success stories with others specially with those who are still confuse whether they try cho yung tea or not.

How much weight could I lose with Cho-yung tea?

Just two cups of Cho-Yung tea per day are supposed to enable drinkers to attain a weight loss of up to 2 lbs a week.

Cho Yung Tea Side Effects

The only one side effect that is Loose bowel movements have been associated with this product.

Cho Yung Tea Free Trail Offer

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